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Timmy’s First Christmas

Here is this year’s Christmas verse for my grandchildren. I’d intended to write a follow-up to Matilda’s Magic Christmas, but it didn’t really work out satisfactorily. So, meet Timmy…

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Nothing was stirring, except Tim the mouse.
His Mum was asleep and so was his Dad,
But poor little Timmy was feeling quite sad.
He’d heard about Santa and all of his toys
He dropped off each Christmas for good girls and boys.

So this Christmas Eve he’d said to his Mum,
“As we don’t have a chimney, will Santa still come?”
“A visit from Santa,” she said, “Would be nice,
But Santa’s for humans; he’s no gifts for mice.”
Christmas, thought Timmy, was really unfair,
And down his nose ran a solitary tear.


So on Christmas Eve he lay in his bed,
Thinking of Santa and what his mother had said.
Then in the distance he heard a soft jingle…
His whiskers were twisting and starting to tingle.
He crept from his bed and through the mousehole,
And spotted a sight that gladdened his soul:

A guy dressed in red with a long curly beard!
Timmy, on tiptoes, got as close as he dared.
Then Santa turned round, giving Timmy a fright,
“What are you doing awake on this Christmas night?”
“Sorry Santa,” said Timmy, “I just couldn’t sleep,
I’ll go to bed now; you won’t hear a peep.”


He set off for his hole, but Santa called, “Wait!
Why the sad face on this joyous date?”
“Well you see,” Timmy said, “I’m only a mouse,
But I know that at Christmas you visit each house,
Bringing for all the good girls and the boys
Some sweets, or a book or lovely new toys…”

“That’s right,” said Santa, “Look under the tree.”
Timmy ran over, and what did he see?
Presents wrapped gaily, laid out in a row,
At the end a big package tied with a bow.
He grasped the box tightly between his two paws
For the label attached read ‘To Tim, from S. Claus.’


“Thank you Santa,” he said, with a smile ear to ear,
“Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!”


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More Verse for Kids


I wish I didn’t have a worm called Potter
It seems like such a silly name
You may argue that in the lotter-
-y of life there are many things much worse
And I’m to blame.

But when I had him as an egg
He’d put out a cautious leg
And wander slowly round a plate I’d filled with earth.

But instead of Potter I’d named him David, or Nicholas or Paul,
Do you think by now he’d come each time I call?

Or if I’d had a bracelet carefully chiselled with his name,
Would he come and sit upon my lap and play a game?
You may believe the possibility is slight,
But I like to think at times he might.

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More Rhymes for Kids

My memory’s never been great
(Is three plus four six, or perhaps eight?)
Yesterday I forgot I was me
And ate next door’s breakfast for tea.

I’d write everything down, but then
I can find neither paper nor pen.

* * *

If you’re going to buy shoes
Always travel in twos
To avoid a fashion disaster.
And if you’re never sure quite
Which is left and which right,
Wear a boot and a lightly oiled caster.

* * *

An unearthly glow
Suffused his toe
And travelled quite soon to his knee.
Joyfully he rose,
“If it reaches my nose
I can use it for warming my tea.”

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Silly Verse for Grand Kids

Said Maggie to Mummy, “I think
Today I will dress all in pink,
Except for one shoe,
That has to be blue
To match the Ribena I drink.”

* * *

Said Harley one day to his Dad,
“At rugby I’m really not bad.
If if play up to scratch
I’ll be man of the match.
(But if not, I’ll still be quite glad.)

* * *

There was a young man called Harry
Who said to his Dad, “Please carry
Me. His Dad said, “Cor blimey,
You really do try me.”
And bought him a donkey called Gary.

Happy Christmas to all!

— rjh

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