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Terrible Tales for Curious Kids: 3

Those of you who notice these things may have noticed that there is a gap on this blog betwen Terrible Tales 2 and 4. Not unnaturally, in this case, that position was filled by Terrible Tales 3, which, because of the dance connection, I posted on my tango blog. To save you having to click over and expose yourself to unwanted terpsichorial esoteria, I thought I’d repost it here in the earnest hope that it will serve as a warning to anyone contemplating tripping the dark fantastic on the heaving deck of a small to medium sized sea-going craft.


Norm’s Last Tango

Norman was a square-dance caller
On a North Atlantic trawler.
Should the crew be feeling low
He’d get them all to dosey-do.

Even in quite stormy weather
He’d gather all the guys together.
“Come on chaps, let’s get dancing.
You’ll find it really life enhancing!”

One day he thought he’d raise the bar…
Which turned out to be a step too far.
How much further could a man go
Than teaching fishermen to tango?

When walking backwards in high heels
He tripped upon a box of eels,
Which quite upset the swarthy captain,
Whose close embrace poor Norm was wrapped in.

He’d planned on cutting quite a dash
But his hopes all ended with a splash.
He’d probably be still alive
If he’d stuck to salsa, waltz or jive.

[Vintage photographs of Hull Trawler SS New Zealand adapted from]


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Enra: Pleiades

Pleiades combines elements of dance, performance art, music, technology, light, music and more. In this video, the dancers Saya Watatani and Maki Yokoyama of the Japanese multimedia dance and martial arts troupe, Enra, perform with light animations produced by Nobuyuki Hanabusa and Seiya Ishii, to music by Nobuyuki Hanabusa.

The performance is a representation of the Pleiades constellation, commonly called Subaru in Japan. Apparently the word has Buddhist connections, meaning ‘united’ or ‘getting together’. The car company Subaru has stars in its logo, and Subaru is the name of Japan’s new optical-infrared telescope in Hawaii.

A few months before Pleiades, Enra and director Nobuyuki Hanabusa wowed the Olympics Committee with ‘Fuma-Kai’. Another incredible multimedia performance piece you can see here.

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March 26, 2014 · 2:07 pm