For or Against?

A thoughtful post from Kitty Gory’s Tumblr blog:

Taking Sides, or The Four B’s

Perhaps because I am a coward, or a wimp, or a wuss, I hate taking sides. Most of the time, I don’t. Obviously, there are occasions on which it is clear that there is a NEED to take a side, and when that happens, I do. But although it seems like many people assume taking a side means you’re standing for something, I have to disagree. For the most part, it seems to me, when you take a side, all you do is widen the gap between the two, and fall prey to corruption and hatred.

I’d rather be the bridge in the middle, straddling the gulf, connecting the sides…enabling peace.

I’m thinking about this as I review posts, both here and on Facebook, in which people are vehemently for or against the Israelis, the Palestinians, the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Americans, the Europeans. Everybody is hating on somebody. Everybody is taking a side. But when I examine their positions, all I hear is “Blah blah blah, politics, politics, politics!” I have yet to hear anything about community, commonality, humanity.

And before you tell me about the posts that are about children dying, or people falling from the sky, let me say, quite cynically, that I don’t believe the hype. Because if all those who decry the “enemy” for its inhuman behaviors were to make the supremely difficult decision to STOP responding and reacting, to suffer whatever losses that will no doubt be incurred, on the way to a lasting and true cessation of hostilities, ceasefires would hold. Air travel would truly be safe from man-made catastrophes. Children would live free.

Don’t talk to me about politics. Don’t try to push me to choose a side. Don’t expect me to condone your anger and hatred. Don’t suppose I don’t understand and share your confusion and hurt. Just don’t. But I will not choose a side. I will not follow the crowd. I will not be a voice for political agendas and hate.

Because I’d rather be the bridge in the middle, straddling the gulf, connecting the sides… enabling peace.

And if this post hurts you, I am truly and honestly sorry.

But I would rather be a bridge than a bayonet or a bulldozer or a bomb.


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