CUTS_CoverThis is the cover of CUTS, a series of short texts I wrote in 1967 which were interpreted as linocuts by the ceramic artist Gerald Buchanan and handprinted by him in a limited edition of 50. This was published in 1967 or ’68 at 8s/40p ($1.25), to quote from 1968 issue of Exit News.

I thought they’d all been sold, but found recently that I had kept a copy for myself. The containing folder is somewhat tatty, but the sheets themselves are OK.

Before I found this I’d done a little research online to see if there were any digital scans available. Via WorldCat I discovered that copies were held by University Libraries in London, Cambridge and Buffalo, and by the National Library of Australia.

Interesting to note the errors in the entries: the publication date is given variously as 1967, 1968 and 1986; and none have my date of birth correct. The University of Cambridge Newton Library Catalogue gives my name as J. C. Hall and my dates as 1920-2011!

I’ve written to them with corrected details and hope to continue in accurate obscurity.


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